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Metallic Temporary Tattoos Festival Ideas

Music Festival season is right around the corner. It’s time to break out the boho chic, hipster hats, 90s grunge and psychedelic shades. Check out our 4 tips to pair the right metallic temporary tattoos with your personal festival style. Terra Tattoos are the perfect accessory to complement your look and take you from the first set to the last.


Boho Chic

Boho Metallic Tattoos Kayla

It’s Day 1 and you’re ready to channel your inner boho chic. Feeling light and airy with the summer breeze in your hair? Complete your look with metallic boho tattoos from the Kayla set. Adding a feather or rose to any outfit will make you the ultimate boho babe. Just the right amount of metallic tattoo will glisten ever so beautifully in the soft summer sun. Want to take your look from day-time to night-time? Add on a leather jacket and you’re now a rock & roll bombshell. Complete your look with a metallic necklace tattoo in Destiny and everyone will know that you want to rock & roll all night (and possibly even party every day).


Hipster Fringe

Serenity Metallic Temporary Tattoos

For day 2, it’s time to turn up the heat on hipster and freak out over fringe. Pair a suede vest with a Serenity arm wrap. Metallic henna tattoos will accent your hipster look perfectly and let you focus on groovin’ to the music. After sundown, ditch your hipster hat for a bindi or shimmer tattoos around your eyes from the Shay collection. These shimmer tattoos will take you into the early hours of the morning in style.


90's Grunge

Metallic Temporary Tattoos Grunge Ideas

Day 3 is all about 90s grunge. This means ripped jeans, oversized plaid and dad hats. Pair your favorite crop top with a black floral choker in Lola. Your new jewelry tattoo will take your outfit to centre stage and have the crowd screaming for more. As the day starts to cool, cozy-up in your oversized plaid and wrap your hair into space buns. Accent your hairline with metallic tattoos in Hazel for an out of this world look and head-bang to your favorite headliner.


Psychedelic Flare

Harmony Metallic Temporary Tattoos

For Day 4 trip out over tie dye, psychedelic shades and flare. Look for florals, high-waisted denim and band tees. Pair an off the-shoulder-top with high-waisted jean shorts and center a mandala tattoo on your back from the Jasmine collection. Your new metallic henna tattoo will keep your look stayin’ alive through all of your favorite sets. As dusk approaches, throw on a pair of crowd-ready bell-bottoms. Accent your mandala back tattoo with foil tattoos wrapped around your forearm from the Harmony collection.

Festival Fashion Ideas Metallic Tattoos

As you sway your lighter in the air and wave good-bye to the weekend, you’ll glisten against the flame. The weekend may be over but your Terra Tattoos can last up to several days! Want to leave them at the festival? Take some baby oil, coconut oil or olive oil to them and they’ll be gone in a flash! Speaking of flash, we want to see your festival fashion – tag us on Instagram #TerraTattoos!