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Black Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Are Making A Comeback

For 90’s kids, temporary tattoos were the ultimate accessory. They were cool, versatile and just a little bit edgy. Like many of our fave nineties trends (think crop tops, chokers and grungy flannel), temporary tattoos are finally making a comeback! Only now, they’re not just for kids.

Since they resurfaced in Japan in 2010, metallic temporary tattoos found their way onto both the catwalk and Beyonce’s bangin’ bod, before more recently becoming every beach babe’s best friend AND a must-have accessory for the festival circuit. Gone are the days when these temporary artworks only came in gaudy colors or cartoon butterflies. The biggest demand in 2017 is for classy designs in gorgeous metallic shades, including golds, shimmering silvers, blacks and even turquoise.

Still not convinced? Check out 6 fantastic reasons to try out a temporary tattoo today.


Get A Tattoo Without The Commitment

Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos can tell a story, honor a memory or simply help you stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, getting a tat is a serious, expensive and life-long commitment. The dream catcher you loved at 18 might not reflect your style (or that of the boardroom) at age 30. These days, temporary tattoo designs can look super close to the real deal, adding gorgeous flecks of color and originality to any outfit. Temporary metallic tattoos let you experiment with styles for the weekend or an upcoming festival without the commitment.


Look Like A Celeb On A Budget

Temporary Metallic Beach Tattoos

It isn’t always easy following the trends loved by our favorite celebs. You might not be able to afford Cara Delevingne’s $500 coat or couture shoes, but you can mimic her taste in metallic tattoos. Terra Tattoos offer a huge range of trendsetting tats loved by everyone from fashion bloggers to Beyoncé. Best of all, at around $10 for over 75+ designs, they won’t break the bank, leaving you free to pick up stacks of different designs for every occasion.


Mix And Match To Create Different Styles

Delila Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Another thing we adore about metallic temporary tattoos is just how easy it is to mix and match. Cut out several of your favorite designs and position them together to create a tattoo that is uniquely you. Designs can also take on different looks, depending where you place them. For example, a striking strip of metallic henna can be used as a choker, bracelet or even an armband. This means that even if your girlfriends choose the same style sheet, you won’t steal each other’s thunder. Have fun and experiment with different placements until you get a look you love.


Start A Conversation

Willow Metallic Temporary Tattoos Festival

When you’re at a festival and event and your friends vanish into the crowd, things can get a little dicey. If you’re not naturally a social butterfly, your temporary tattoos make a great conversation starter. Forget discussing the weather or how gross the porta-potties are this year. Instead, fellow festival goers will be clamoring to hear more about your gorgeous body art and possibly even show off some of their own.


Let The Kids Join In

Bella Color Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t only for kids anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in. Whether you’ve got little ones of your own or want to elevate yourself to ultra-cool aunt status, applying metallic temporary tattoos on the kids is a fantastic bonding activity. Young kids will be blown away by the bright colors and dazzling designs, while growing tweens will love feeling like a ‘grown-up’ for the day. Bonus points if you design to sport matching mommy and me tattoos!


Stay On Trend

Jewelry Inspired Metallic Tattoos

There’s no shame in admitting that you love to keep your pulse on the trend. If you consider yourself a fashion forecaster, a metallic temporary tattoo is the perfect way to show that you’re ahead of the curb. Flower crowns are out and temp tattoos are in!

If you’ve never tried temporary metallic tattoos, now is the time. The festival season is upon us, the weather’s heating up and the cute crop top trend is here to stay. Reveal your inner goddess by decorating your arms, legs and torso with sexy, intricate and boldly bohemian designs that are budget friendly, easy to apply and bound to turn heads.