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Swimsuit Styles Metallic Temporary Tattoos


Calling all beach bums! Whether you’re lounging by the pool, catching rays on the beach or enjoying a sunny day at the lake, Terra Tattoos are the perfect accessory to your bathing look.

Temporary tattoos are water resistant (that includes pool, lake and salt water) but come off easily with olive oil, coconut oil or baby oil. Whether you’re a mermaid who enjoys the salt water in her hair or a bronzed goddess who likes to get her tan on, Terra Tattoos has a style that will match every waterside look. Let’s dive in!


7 Swimsuit Styles And Their Perfect Metallic Tattoo Match

String Bikini

Layla Metallic Temporary Tattoos

For the traditional triangle top the options are truly endless. Your simple string bikini leaves a blank canvas perfect to accessorize.  Try a necklace jewelry tattoo from the Destiny collection which will be sure to turn heads. The soft metallic shimmer will catch the light perfectly and glisten on your sun-kissed skin.

Accent this necklace with an armband tattoo from the Delila collection. Wrap two or three metallic styles around your forearm to create the perfect tribal style. Looking for more? Add some metallic detail to your feet with boho feathers from the Layla collection. Tattoo the top of the foot opposing your tribal arm with two or three feathers. These shimmer tattoos will make you float like the angel you are.



Shay Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Test-drive a tankini this summer in tandem with Terra Tattoos. Try a little something extra on your hands and feet. Play with a henna tattoo mandala from the Shay collection on the back of your hand. Pair it with paisley on your opposing foot and you’ll be the perfect poolside princess. Feeling a bit more whimsical? Try a floral accent from the Lola collection on your hand and foot and you’ll be paradise ready in no time. A foot tattoo will flaunt fabulously in your flip-flops too!

Halter Top

Halter Top Style Metallic Tattoos

High-neck halter tops are all the rage this summer. This cut comes in so many jaw-dropping styles it’s hard to choose just one to wear. Lakeside, poolside or beachside this look is sure to standout. Since your back is bare you have a beautiful blank canvas to play with! Try a playful shimmer tattoo from the Kayla collection and place the metallic dream catcher in the center of your back. Feeling a little bit more tropical? Center the pineapple instead!

High-Waisted Bikini

Azalea Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Are you channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe or 1950’s pin-up in a high-waisted number? Let your curves speak for themselves and add a little pizzazz to your hair. Add a delicate shimmer strand from the Hazel collection to your soft summer locks. Apply the metallic tattoo vertically down your hair (perpendicular to your hair part) and keep the start of the tattoo as close to your root as possible. This subtle pop of sparkle will catch the summer sun all day long.

Thinking about taking a dip in the pool, ocean or lake? Your Terra Tattoo is water-resistant and will last while you cool off in the lake, float around in the pool or deep-sea dive. Simply apply shampoo to wave good-bye to your metallic hair tattoo.


One Piece Swimsuit Tattoo Style Tip

Are you rocking a wonderful one-piece? Get creative with your Terra Tattoos! If your one piece has a low back, take a strand or two from the Hazel collection and center it down your spine. Your new metallic tattoo will catch the sun as you walk by the pool. For the one-piece sling bikini, let’s focus on the accents. Try a colorful metallic armband from the Chloe collection on your forearm to stand out in this cool cut-out.

Does your suit truly speak for itself? Add some small accent arrows from the Delila collection to your wrist and outer forearm.  For the one-piece with a plunging neckline, incorporate a choker henna tattoo from the Jasmine collection. Your new metallic jewelry tattoo will add just the right amount of shimmer to your daring look.



Aria Metallic Temporary Tattoos

For the beautiful boho bralette babes bring on the beach with a bindi. Center a henna tattoo between your eyebrows from the Serenity collection. Feeling a little bit more like a Greek goddess? Place some of the vines and floral metallic strands from the Aria collection around your wrists or arms. Your effervescent beauty will shine brightly with these subtle metallic accents.



Aja Temporary Metallic Tattoos

For the bandeau loving, bankini babes, accent your strapless shoulders. For the tropical, Hawaiian- inspired look, try the hibiscus flower from Aja on your shoulder or a seashell necklace in gold simmer. Try a metallic feather tattoo on your collarbone or shoulder from the Harmony collection. The flowy feather will accentuate your free-spirited look. Kick it up a notch with another shimmer feather tattoo on the opposing hip and you’ll be the most beautiful bohemian babe on the beach.

Beach Summer Tattoo Style

Whether the weather while beachside, poolside or lakeside your Terra Tattoos will last rain or shine. Leave them on for a dip or take them with you on your next waterfront trip. As the summer sun fades into the horizon, remove your temporary tattoos with olive oil, coconut oil or baby oil. Before you say so long sweet summer, we want to see you work your warm weather look - tag us on Instagram
at #TerraTattoos.