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Metallic Temporary Tattoos Wedding Ideas

Temporary Tattoo It Yourself (TTIY)

Wedding season is upon us. It’s time to say yes to the dress, fawn over florals and swoon over sweets! It’s all about the delicate details and it’s time that we get a little bit more hands-on with Do It yourself centerpieces that will make you say ‘I do’. Are you having a boho beach bash or a beautiful barn ball? How about a picturesque picnic or a romantic rose-filled ceremony? We have a few Temporary Tattoo It Yourself centerpiece ideas for all those DIY lovers to give your wedding day décor a more personal touch.

Clear Vases

Clear Vase Metallic Tattoo Decor Idea

Dress up a small, clear, square vase with a strand from the Chloe collection. Align the edge of the metallic tattoo with the seam of the glass and wrap horizontally. You can place a metallic shimmer tattoo at the bottom, middle or top of the vase. Get playful and dress up each vase with a different pattern!

Try something different and use a white or colored vase. Decorate your blank canvas with metallic henna tattoos from the Jasmine collection. Center a mandala on your vase, or wrap an intricate band around the mouth. Fill with deep reds and dark greens to bring your centerpiece to life!

Wine Bottles

Temporary Tattoos Wine Bottles Ideas

Go craft crazy and re-vamp a wine bottle. Remove the label by soaking the bottle for 30 minutes in room temperature water with 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda. Wipe the label off with a rag; if it gives you a hard time, use steel wool. Place a few metallic feather tattoos from the Destiny collection throughout the body of the bottle. Don’t over-think it and incorporate the feathers at random to echo their natural flow. Dress up your new vase with simple baby’s breath or a few Gerber daisies.


Kayla Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Do your centerpieces vary in shapes, sizes and heights? Tie them all together with different metallic patterns and designs. From the Serenity collection, take one of the floral band tattoos and your skinniest vase and wrap it around the neck.

For a larger vase, take two floral pieces and place one on the top corner of one side and the bottom corner of the reverse. Do you have a larger boxy vase? Add a metallic shimmer strand to the left side of the vase vertically. This asymmetrical alignment will bring focus to your fabulous flowers.

Round Vase

Temporary Tattoos Decor Ideas

If you’re using a very round vase, incorporate a metallic shimmer band from the Harmony collection. Be sure to center the strand around the widest part of the vase so that it will adhere perfectly to the glass. Cut the stem off of a sunflower and have it float in water for a sweet summertime style.

Slender Vase

Metallic Temporary Tattoos Wedding Ideas

Do you have long-stem flowers such as orchids or roses that you’d like to showcase? In a slender vase, incorporate metallic and black henna tattoos from the Shay collection and apply a patterned strand to the base of the vase. By leaving your delicate details at the bottom of the vase you’ll allow your eye to follow naturally to your high-rise florals.

Mirrored Centerpieces

Chloe Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Incorporate temporary Terra Tattoos to your entire wedding day decor ensemble. If you’re using a mirror or clear glass for your seating arrangements, add a metallic shimmer accent to your display. Apply a few playful feathers from the Destiny collection or some delicate floral accents to each corner from the Chloe collection. These little extras will bring all of your decorative details together for the big day!


Metallic Temporary Tattoos Wedding Ideas

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