Posted on by Christine Kim

He popped the question and now it’s time to pop champagne with your besties and wave good-bye to your days as a bachelorette. Break out the stilettos, feather boas and pageant sashes for your Bride Tribe. What better way to turn heads with your ride-or-die girl gang than with temporary tattoos that will last you all night and well into the next morning as you reminisce over mimosas.

Our Top Picks For The Bride And Her Tribe


Delila Metallic Temporary Tattoos

With a backless dress, center a metallic strand from the Delila collection vertically down your bare back, along your spine. This secret shimmer will be just the right glow to show the bride that you’ve got her back.



Chloe Temporary Metallic Tattoos

For the future Mrs it’s time to make a statement. If you’re donning all white for your last single night, add a pop of playful metallic shimmer to shine just as bright as your diamond ring. Incorporate a playful jewelry tattoo from the Chloe collection. Accent your engagement bling with a metallic arm wrap tattoo around your opposing forearm. Ditch the Bride-to-Be crown and stand out with a metallic tribal headband tattoo.



Jasmine Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Take one of the very intricate Jasmine designs, center it on your forehead and align the tattoo arch with the arch in your eyebrow. You’ll stand out like the true goddess that you are and the Chief to your Bride Tribe. Are you thinking about wearing something that speaks for itself like a little black dress, fierce animal print or a devilish red number? Accent your alternative style and emphasize your radiant ring with a hand tattoo. Say ‘I do’ to metallic shimmer tattoos and remember, it’s your time to shine brighter than your diamond ring!



Kendra Metallic Tattoos

Use a patterned band tattoo from the Kendra collection and take it along your wedding finger through to your wrist. Incorporate a metallic band tattoo by wrapping it around your arm where the hand tattoo ends to make a perfect perpendicular design.  Now you have magnificent metallic accent to your beautiful bridal bling.



Hazel Hair Metallic Tattoos

For the Maid-or-Matron-of-Honor it’s time to make you look a-MOH-zing. You’re very important to the bride and we think that you deserve some extra sparkle too! Accent her tribal tattoo crown with a temporary tattoo in your hair from the Hazel collection. Apply the metallic tattoo vertically down your hair (perpendicular to your hair part) and keep the start of the tattoo as close to your root as possible. This will catch just the right amount of shimmer and shine. Feeling a little more fun and flirty?



Lola Metallic Black Temporary Tattoos

For the bombshell bridesmaids and besties alike, channel your inner tribal warrior princess to celebrate the final fling before the ring. Incorporate a little color from the Lola collection and complement the future Mrs with a tribal tattoo armband. Want to accent her tribal crown? Use a henna tattoo from the Serenity collection around your eyes or as a bindi. Feeling more like a boho babe? Take a metallic feather tattoo from the Destiny collection and accent your collarbone or shoulder. You’ll be boho bride tribe ready in no time. 


Bachelorette Party Metallic Tattoos

Whether you’re headed to Las Vegas or New York, a night on the town or a weekend up north, Terra Tattoos will help you create forever Bride Tribe memories. All tattoos are water resistant and will last through tears of happiness and popped champagne.

Terra Tattoos are easily removable with coconut oil, baby oil or olive oil and for your hair, try a little shampoo. Unlike Terra Tattoos, your night of Bachelorette mayhem won’t be easy to erase; what happens on Girl’s Night Out goes on Instagram! We want to see your Bride Tribe, tag us at #TerraTattoos.